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In a few weeks,
our rescued cats might be without shelter.

Every rescued cat at Little Kats have been

patiently waiting for their forever homes,

some waiting for years. 


Now, their temporary home might be taken away too. 


Our Story

Since 2018, Little Kats is a boarding facility run by rescuers and works closely with other rescuers to provide care for cats. 

Due to the nature of the various environments many of the cats have been rescued from, many come to us with significant trauma and distrust. With that, we aim to provide a nurturing environment as part of our behavioural rehabilitation for our rescues to regain their trust and to prepare them for their future furever families. 

This year we are met with many challenges that jeopardises our purpose.  Due to rising costs, we might be unable to continue our work to rescue and rehome cats in the foreseeable future. 


We earnestly seek your help to support us and the rescued cats during this time so that we may continue helping our rescues fulfil the life they deserve.

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Make a donation to Our Rescues

Help our rescued cats keep the shelter over their heads
while they wait for their furever family.
Any contribution will impact their lives directly. 


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Help us save their home

We have over 40 cats under our care

& soon we might lose our shelter. 

Due to rising costs,  our rescued cats might not have a place where they can comfortably wait to live their dream of having a furever home. 

Whether you're a cat lover, an advocate for animal welfare, or simply someone who cares, there are many ways you can contribute to our cause.


Every little bit will help save their home while they wait for a furever family. 

How you can help

Our Cause

Your contribution will directly impact the lives of Rescued Katties by providing them with shelter and a fighting chance while they wait for their furever home. 

Learn about the community of Rescued Cats

Open your heart to the lives and stories of rescued cats all over Singapore. 

Our Story

Touch the lives of others by sharing the stories of our Rescued Katties.

Every share might lead to impactful support. 

Adopt a Rescued Cat

Opening your heart and home to a cat is one of the most rewarding and gratifying feelings in this world. 

Adopt & don't shop!

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717 North Bridge Road 

#02-01 Singapore 198685

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